The Family Tree Has A Disease

( or Why i am glad that we are not held responsible for our ancestors’ actions.)

This is not a poem, although it probably should be.

I have to get something off my chest, and it has to do with history.

My mother’s, father’s, mother was a Grand something or another in the Klan.

It is shameful to even have to say, but it is true, she had to hide who she was.

They (she) perpetuated hate in many forms, but I hate no one, as far as who I am.

So I am not worried that it is hereditary, it was not passed on to me.

Their hate was for more than African-Americans, for more than the darker skinned,

it was for any who did not look, act and behave like them. Very narrow-minded, those;

who feel that there is only one right, best, favored, or correct ANYTHING!

We cannot grow as a society, as an Earthly family, unless we let go of this ideology.

She is long gone now, but these lies and the hatred are still around.

She is a dark mark on the family tree, she may have had many good points,

but that’s not what you see. She died when I was two, boy, what a legacy!

I never realized much about my family’s history, until we began doing this ancestry.

Makes you wish you had no tree at all, when those who are in it are causing it to fall.

All of the relatives I know from this modern day would NEVER feel or behave that way.

I gotta believe that it was sheer ignorance of other humans and their condition;

that would leave someone to have such a prejudiced disposition.



  1. rdlufcy · January 15, 2015

    She certainly had those leanings, but on the positive side, she did NOT instill them in her son, our grandfather. Which is why you and I don’t have those beliefs today. Every glorious tree in the forest has a few not so pretty leaves. Every one.


    • angelalacey67 · January 15, 2015

      Well, not to burst your warm little bubble, but cuz, she was a full on Klans Woman, robe and all. My mom told me all about it. They didn’t hate the same race as a singled out unit back then the way the Klan does today, but hate is hate, and she had it. Not to say all families don’t have some skeletons, or that ours or any family is all bad, just telling one aspect of one person on the tree.
      Love ya.


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