When Our Souls Met

I’m a three-legged cat, where could I go? How would I get there? God only knows.
I am grounded by finance, grounded by health, grounded by all things;
even life itself. You made me out to be the Joker, the Riddler even, but no.
I began as an admirer of beauty, I remain such today.

To look upon a fine painting and inquire its price.
Never wanting to see the soul inside, but there, like a window
whose shades were drawn up, me in the dark, but you in the light,
compelled me to look in, so I did. Curiosity was strong, so I gave in.

I caught sight of two deep wells, where both good and evil dwelt.
Wanted to keep walking past, ignore what I saw, what I found;
to give a wide birth and just walk around.
But suddenly, I was thrown to the ground.

My vision was redirected to see only your pain,
to feel the lost soul you possessed. I heard silent cries, felt wet tears
fall into the night, you pleaded for my help; it just all overwhelmed me.

You reached out to my beauty, I warned it was waning, you claimed not to mind
saying none of that mattered. You said I was your soul mate, and that you were hopeful,
and not seeking a temptress, I sought not to distress you.
I would have went passed, had your eyes not reached out to me,

pulling me in, and commanding me.
turning and shifting me,

I was under your spell. Somehow it enraptured me.
Taunting me, accusing me, stressing and cursing me, harassing me,
threatening me, all in a language I did not speak, but you taught to me.
When meanings were grasped, the meanings were dastardly.

I would not harm someone good, I would not harm someone evil.
I am love, I have not that capacity.
I don’t pull back gifts, I do not inflict harm,
Live and let live is the motto I go on.

I asked only the same, and also my good name.
Friends became enemies, made a bad name for me,
My words are strong, perhaps they’ll live on.


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