“Yes, I Get It” ; a creative writing piece from my writing class

Yes, I get it;

that my taste and style are of old,

that my words just may contain some mold,

that my grammar, diction, and punctuation

leave much to the imagination.

that my feelings are solely just my own,

and you get embarrassed to share them,

or for folks to even think you do, when,

as you claim; Nothing could be further from the truth.

You think by adding strong insinuations;

that I am lame, sick, dumb, or old, that

it will alienate you from me, but that just cannot be.

Not when you care, or still have a vested interest.

Not when you stand to gain or reclaim what was lost, what I cost you.

I matter to you and therefore you are obligated to care,

but I care about you, and therefore you matter.

What I do now, I do for me,

If I gain a profit, I share naturally.

I never forget to whom I am indebted,

Will try not to say anything that will be regretted.

It is not easy when you cannot always think,

Like the David though, you are a work of art.

I see and I admire, and at times I even get inspired,

to write and to create and sometimes to paint,

No, not on command, but by my own hand.

I do not live in your world, at least not yet.

If I ever find myself there, I will try to care,

I will try not to let it all go to my head,

I will try to prove that one can be humble and still

possess all the world has to offer.

You will see who I am, that I am not to be pitied, nor to be feared.

I have a voice you’ve not heard, and its not to be obscured.

I will get my words out there, and someone somewhere will care.

always YOUR friend,

A Friend.


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