Just A Distant Dream; A Short Story Poem from another writing assignment

The Stars shone brilliantly high and white

across the purple darkened night.

Then Vapor’s cloud did pass us by,

and there on a mountain stood you and I.

We could see the village lights, and

looking on from that point, I knew you were right.

Our time together was running out,

we had yet to learn what life was about.

It was all so clear, yet so far away,

it lay in wait for another day.

The setting was right, but the timing was wrong.

‘Twas a beautiful night as he sang this song;

Come off with me across the sea, to a land that’s pure and free,

we will spend eternity, our hearts together, you and me.

All my thoughts became a blur, and in my mind I was unsure.

Should I go or should I stay,

If I don’t go, his heart I’ll break.

Deep in love was he with me,

as I’m sure you plainly see.

But much older was he than me,

and oh how clearly he could see.

What he hoped our future would be,

and somewhere in the dark sat me.

What was life and time and love?

What was this future he spoke of?

Was there a land across the sea?

How would the people there treat me?

Did I love him? Did I know?

Was this the kind of love that grows?

Would there be a day when I would know?


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