She Used to Be

She was three years my junior, I guess she still is now.

when we were coming up, we used to play together.

I would let her win, and always give her “mine”

from ice cream cones to toys, even clothes and boys,

whatever made her not whine.

I never dreamed one day that I would live to see her like this.

All the family spoiled her, she was so cute and sweet.

She still is a nice person, but not one you’d hope to meet.

Her daughter found her on the floor, blocking shut the bathroom door.

She could not stand, she could not walk,

she could speak, but it was all slurred speech.

This was her normal now, no more the sister I had known,

into this monster is what she had grown.

Addicted to pain pills, addicted to alcohol,

addicted to excuses, just like our dad had been.


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