I am wondering…

I am wondering just how fine the line is that acts as a divider…

between evil intention and best wishes for others,

between good and bad,

between right and wrong,

between righteous and unrighteous,

between greed and generosity,

and whether that line actually exists outside of the thoughts and judgements of others,

or if its merely an abstract thought? Non-tangible and non-visible.

Things that make you wonder, ponder our lives and what they are for.

Are we here simply to add fuel to the gossip of others, a Gehenna of lies?

We have a purpose and are working toward it,

but when it doesn’t fit into someone else’s ideals, what then?

If a serious wrong is done against them, what causes one man to forgive the

transgressor totally and completely, but another man to want to murder them?

How is it that I have only good intentions and thoughts toward the happiness and

success of others and wish the best for their future, but they cannot have the same for

me? These are the thoughts that run through my mind.


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