Never believe…

Never believe…

that my attention to others means I no longer hold you as dear.

that I have lost the love I had at first and no longer care.

that I am looking around to replace what I have found.

that I am not being true, I would not do that to you.

Yes, I have dated, loved, and made love to others,

men who have come before you. What can I do?

Have not you too? We are not young anymore its true.

Yet none still exist in my heart, there would be no room.

You engulf and consume all available space.

Take up all my thoughts, and fill up all my days.

I am not complaining, I am happy for this.

It brings me great joy and eternal bliss.

There will be times when you see me talking or maybe

even flirting, its nothing.

Check into it and you will see, there is nothing there beyond what you saw.

I am like this by nature, it comes without thought.


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