Battle on a Freezing Winter’s Day

There was an arctic feel to this winters day, the sun had gone, the snow was there to stay… Mom really needed to shovel the driveway, but the kids were outside and wanted to play. It was getting so late in the day, too dark to do any real work outside anyway.

The kids had built up opposing forts, and were forming snowballs to stock their armories, sides had been chosen and lines had been drawn.  It was now on like Donkey Kong.

The first ball was sent, airborne into enemy territory. The retaliation came high, over the fortress wall and was heading toward me. It had been loaded with ice, this was against the rules of safe warfare, someone was going to put an eye out.

Two of the three pairs of socks she wore (cause one had holes, the other was torn) were now wet and frozen, her toes had gone numb and she really needed to retreat to the warmth of the kitchen. But no, she would not retreat, she would win this yet, she had not been beaten! She was no quitter, as she battled against boys. (Well, boys and her sisters, but they were tomboys, so, she viewed them as such.) Now the stakes were high, and it meant so much.

The cold had hit and she needed badly to quit.  But she didn’t care if she lost some toes to frostbite, she was not going in until “Victory” she could shout.

“Guys, come on in it’s getting too dark to play anymore.” Yelled Grandma loudly from the back door. “Come and have some hot tea.”  “Thank God.” She thought, and just in time, she now had to pee.


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