What You Have Done For Me

You don’t even know what you have done,

You are totally unaware.

When we met, I was a crumpled up page,

The unwanted mistakes of a writer, an artist.

Thrown towards the trash without even making it,

I lay on the ground, silently, no sound.

Then you came along and demanded I rise,

to show you around, then you saw life through my eyes.

Slowly, we each learned what the other was about,

deeper and deeper we poured ourselves out.

You have been with me ever since, never did go away.

You had come to attack, but then you stayed and you stayed.

You’ve changed me, I’ve changed you, it changed both of us too.

Forced you to know me and to see who I was,

I had come, not to harm, not to steal, but to love.

We’ve moved on from that point, we are now such good friends.

I have grown as a person, you have too, its so true.

I am better now having just known the real you.

So glad you jumped me, so glad for the raid,

I was ransacked, and searched, nothing bad did you find,

there was only my heart, my soul, and my mind.

I found in you what I think may be a true love that will grow,

we may not know for some time, but I know what I know.

We both are so darned proud and headstrong its true,

It will take time to make changes, but when we are through…

I believe what we’ll have will be worth all the arrangements.

Life is funny, isn’t it?

How two people from such opposite worlds could ever find each other

and benefit from one another. And at such a juncture, when we needed each


Were there forces at work we know nothing about?

Who’s to say, I am just glad that you’ve done what you’ve done for me.


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