Hydro; My Alter Ego

I guess we all do;

go through what I’m going through.

Having a shy side and a brave one.

The shy me is fearful of all that life brings.

Probably the shy side is the true me,

But the brave side has become a necessity.

To get me through what I must do.

One must face their own fears and worries.

Just to get to the point where they can live again.

Surgeries make me fearful, but

having no balance when I walk, feels like being thrown into the pool at the park.

When you cannot swim, panic sets in.

Yet walking is something that is as familiar as the back of your hand,

you have been doing that almost since your life began.

Feels weird and strange the days you wake to

having no balance, its not like losing a shoe.

You can’t look for it, you won’t find it.

It sometimes finds you, or that day may pass without it.

Partial balance usually finds you, and you make do.

What else can you do? You have a day to get through!


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