Defensively Defensive!

I am hurt and angry right now!

For two very different reasons, which I will tell you about.

First, how is it possible that my entire book is gone?

The new one that I have been working on.

Some did not like it, I know this is so, but to wipe it out completely? Surely NO!

Secondly, as a self appointed defender of all who suffer from brain issues,

I met someone on Twitter who smartly mocked and made fun of the elderly,

those with Alzheimer’s and other brain injuries.

Don’t make me release my hound, I will! He will destroy you!

That hurt me, they cannot defend themselves!

Who will speak up on their behalf?

I will, I, who knows what it is to have your brain betray you and play cruel tricks.

I swear, I would punch this Twit’s lights out if they were anywhere near me!


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