The Dark Unicorn, (the nice version)

There once was a dark haired Unicorn,
Beautiful for the eye to see.
Sexy and sultry, and moody and dark,
Not rainbowish like the others were.
This one was special, this one was gifted,
This one possessed many words, many arts,
that were unseen. Many that no one
may ever see.
For this Unicorn often kept to himself much of
the beauty he possessed, his inner wealth.
Others expected him to behave the way all the
other Unicorns did.
But then he would not be so special, then he would not
be him.
Do you ask your fish to fly?
Do you ask your dove to swim?
Why do you insist on trying to change
All the things that make him Him?
Why do you punish what you do not understand?
This is not an average man, this is not a shiny one,
There are many, get another, this one though is like no other.


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