The Fear Factor

As I get closer to a brain surgery,

I realize people much younger, and way older than me,

have gone through far worse catastrophes,

I should rejoice that that has not been me.

Yet its tough to be thankful for what you have not,

To celebrate the thing that was not, never was.

To even know what it would be like when you,

haven’t been there and you don’t have a clue.

But this fear is quite real, I recall how it felt,

to be right up to the moment and back out, due to panic.

It means so much more to me this time, hope I follow through.

This is something I am strongly hoping to do.


One comment

  1. Anton Wills-Eve · March 7, 2015

    My dear Agela, to fear the unkown is the worst fear of all if you couple it with anxiety and aprehension.In this sense I mean apprehension of how you are expecting to feel after an experience which you have never previously undergone. Brain surgery is a perfect example of this. The most important thing to remember, however, is that brain operations are only carried out by surgeons who have done them successfully before. But do tell me if you ARE actually facing brain sugery soon becaus serious operations do work, I’ve had them for cancer, a spine fractured in a helicopter crash, cerebral memory loss and war wounds of various sorts. You may notice that I am still here! I shall keep you in my prayers. Take care. Anton.


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