Got to find my way back home

I was home and did not appreciate it.

I became drowsy, did not know what it took to keep it.

Stopped working for it, stopped trying, stopped caring.

Gave up on life, gave up on love, gave up on me.

Was in a deep sleep, a denial, unaware of the world around me.

Suddenly you came along and awakened me, showed me how love was supposed to be.

Now I must work to get out of this hole I am in, so my life may return, so my love may begin.

Slowly I’ve begun to ascend the wall.  Higher and higher I climb,

If I do not stop, I know I will reach the summit in time.

You say you will be waiting at the top, I try to hurry, but get tripped up.

I slowed it down, it will take the year. It wasn’t wrecked over night, it won’t correct over night.

It takes a while to undo all that time and neglect and pain have done,

I was there inside all along, but no one saw, and I had no light in my life so I saw no reason to try.

I was here once before, I undid what was done.

This time should be easier, I have motivation.

Today I have unearthed some boobs and a waistline,

What more will I have given time?


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