“The Changes Life Brings”

Life brings on changes, and thank God that it does. Change becomes necessary to undo what we’ve done. If we give up on ourselves, we give up everything, that would not be good, what good could it bring?
Success comes in spurts and sputters, gradual changes that add up to what matters. Belief in one’s self, visualizing that change, seeing what is to come that is how it is done.
Sticking around those who encourage and cheer. Closing out the voices of those all too near, who discourage and dissuade all that you try to do, those are the voices not to listen to. Its jealousy that spurs them to act as they do. No success for me equals none then for you.
Slowly then, gradually, you resurface again, bringing with you happiness as the numbers change. Weight is lost due to effort, courage is sought, though it did not exist before, now it’s all that you’ve got. People wish evil on you, but why? You did nothing but root for them to succeed in their strides.
Brush it off and go on, succeed anyway and then they must see.
I had this all along, I tried to tell them but who is listening to me?


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