“I Know No Other Way”

I truly know no other way,
than to just come right out and say
Exactly what you mean to me;
Encouraging and ravishing!
Most will not know just what I mean
So let me come right out with it.
With words, no other can beat you,
In truth, you are most gorgeous too.
Where can I begin to write of all the
things that you do right?
Its more than how you look or act,
Its more than how you speak
It has to do with what you say,
At times with what you do not say.
You are a master at many things,
You conquer one and move right on.
Here are some words that describe you;
creative, spontaneous, youthful, Impulsive,
bold, gregarious, articulate, intelligent,
dark, deep, accomplished, and elusive,
playful, childlike, a thoughtful thinker.


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