Purple Majesty Dreams of You; Back by demand, limited time

I am foggy, dreamy, soft and creamy.
Mystic; mystic, going ballistic.
Our future circumstances are unrealistic.
You are good at a distance; perhaps that’s not fair to say.
I know you love me, you miss me,
but you put up resistance.
I’m storming and raining, inside, what a mess!
While outside, once dry, I am soaking the sheets.
All the while you’re refraining;
my name you are saying, you’re name I’m saying.
I’m hurting, I’m aching, while you are playing and playing.
Now I’m writing verses, crying, speaking curses, lying.
Hoping while I’m praying, Living verses Dying.
Loving, Missing, Dreaming
verses Doing, Having, Meaning.
I love what we have, but I want what we don’t.
I will happily endure whatever I must
to see the one I dream to touch.


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