3/20, Day 8 of the My 500 Words Challenge; Just write a list.

Sounds simple enough. But, a list about what? Well…I could write a list of things to do,
But it would likely turn ugly and unruly if I go that route.
Instead, how about I list out all that I have to be thankful for? Or all that could have gone
wrong in my life, but didn’t, or maybe just a grocery list on a big order/restocking day?
I could list out the possessions I have, or the car repairs I have had to have done on all the cars I have ever owned. As it turns out, I am making what appears to be a list of lists.

Who knew this was even a thing? But it somehow does help my brain.

I could list all the words I know and just stop at 500.
I could list all I miss;
I miss my son, I miss my childhood redone, I miss my love I cannot have, I miss my mom and dad, I miss the life I never had. I miss a straight “A” education that I failed to get due to deprivation, some intentional, some preventable, and some just part of a larger plan? One would hope.
I do believe that decision A leads to B, B to C, and so on, therefore, if you had not made precisely the decisions you did, when you made them, you would not be where you are today. That may be a good thing, or it may not be. I have missed out on opportunities, perhaps for a time, or it could be eternity.
Also, the love of my life, I miss and may have missed out on him. Again, it could be for a time, or it may be for an eternity. This may have been far beyond the scope of possibility, but who is to say? It could come anyway.

Things supposedly happen by design, by arrangement, by a higher intervention. But, I am not sure I believe that. In fact, it goes contrary to all I have been taught. Things happen because of other things that took place before them. For example, it is not necessarily “Divine Will” that a ball rolls down a hill, it simply may have been placed there and abandoned, or pushed even.

There are times though, such as when that ball strikes someone and causes them to jump out of the way of an oncoming vehicle that cause people to stand up and take notice, to begin to theorize that perhaps there was Divine Intervention present.

I could write out all the birth defects my child was not born with but could have been, for which I am eternally grateful he was not. However, that would obviously be all that he does not possess, and then it would be more of a list of all diseases or defects in the world, and would surely total more than five hundred. The End.


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