“Semper et deinceps, nunquam retro”; Maurice Bishop

“Ever Forward, never back”, long has this been the motto I have lived on.

It just makes so much sense to me.

Unless or until we have a time machine; changing whatever we wish

to gaining whatever we want or need.

Why live in the past? At times folks do so to avoid the decisions of the present,

but if we are in the present, it is not too late to alter our lives, so that it changes our future.

For instance, we may regret a decision that has led us to the spot we are now,

but can we alter it somehow? We can if we learn from our pasts.

Traversing a maze is not best done in a few seconds, but rather, it often requires time to

solve the puzzle in order to advance on though.

So, similarly, if we hope to be living in the future equitably we

must act now to alter the pattern of movement, the course set before us,

the path we will take, to lead us to the steps we may make, to get where we hope to be,

and that will lead to a happier me. To do so though, we cannot live in the past.

Though its memory lasts, bad times do not have to repeat or dominate our lives completely, eternally. Not mine anyway, nope, not for me.

I will not lay down and die, not while I can rise up and climb, not while I can alter and change or rearrange something that could effect a change in circumstance.

I just need the right chance.


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