The Love I Feel

I am not a Jilted lover, (as I’ve heard me called)
Someone who was thrown from the scene.
I am someone who left willingly,
To allow room for what is and what must be.

I am not a jilted lover,
To be so, One must be denied
the love they were receiving;
And yet that love I do still find.

It is not a physical thing,
Nor eroticism bring,
there was a shifting that came forth,
It needed to happen; changes bring growth.

Mine is an admiration
of maturing growth from him,
It makes me proud to see now
the man he has become.

Look at where he began,
then see where he is now.
All in such a short time somehow.
You must have noticed it, or seen just how…
He has matured and grown into the examples set for him
by his next of kin. He has lately learned to appreciate them.
They never gave up on him, it meant the world to him.
He wants to be just like them, and likely he will be.

I do love him by all definitions, there is no question.
My love, among other things, is that of awe and of admiration,
It’s nothing new or impending,
It’s just a feeling of eventuality.


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