An Ode to My Mentor

There is something I long to say,
It has not, for a time, been uttered this way.
Everyone is someone right from the rim,
But I am who I am, in large part, due to him.
He did not just talk the talk,
He was willing to also walk the walk.
Not at a distance did he remain,
But came over and walked it with me, time and again.
At first meet, he was angry, grumpy, and mean.
He hoped that would be all I or any would see.
But he did not know of this power I possess,
It lets me see inside the mind and the chest.
I peered in, it just happens, and I saw who he was.
He was all things beautiful, inside all things light.
But fear had left its mark, kept him hidden in the dark;
afraid to show the world who he truly was.
He was no dark and evil villain.
He was not the scary persona he carried.
Nor the frightening mask he wore,
He was more, he was so much more.
He tried to be those things at first,
-spoke like they did, and cursed like they cursed.
But the love that is in him welled up from inside,
consuming his shell and swallowing his pride,
it ate up his anger,
and engulfed all his rage.
It left behind spoilage of the greatest kind,
this terrible battle; this war of his mind.
Now what remains is the one I call Mentor,
my friend, whom I love,
emulate, or seek to,
someone whom I can pattern,
cherish and adore. He is meek, but not weak now,
in control of what once owned him,
that anger and hatred.
He has thrown them aside to meet goals for himself.
Not keeping them for later,
but throwing them out,
His battles, are hard fought, and are daily,
But he’s won every time, at least lately.
I am proud of you Sir,
Proud to call you my friend.
Proud to say you are my teacher,
Proud to have you as my Mentor.


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