Hope Springs Eternal; Alexander Pope

Mr. Pope had it right,

When he spoke about hope.

It can spring eternal.

Its all in how you view life.

You can get down and stay there,

from the troubles you face.

Or you can pick yourself up,

and your troubles erase.

It all comes from attitude,

It matters what yours is.

If you are going through stresses,

Calmness is needed.

Why worry over A, B, and C,

When you need only D?

It is so unprofitable to stress over something

when its one of those things in which we can do nothing.

Relax, pray about it, let go and let God.

He will take it from you and it is nothing to him.

He can solve and resolve it in moments for you,

while you are still getting dressed and tying your shoe.

Hope in the Lord, and keep his way,

Probably you may be concealed in “that day.”


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