How could that be true?

How could that be true?
How could I disappoint you?
When I have only been 100% open and honest with you?
I understand there may be things you see with me, or things I say or do, or that you find as you snoop that you don’t understand,
that make me out to be less than what you’d expect from me,
but don’t judge so hastily, that doesn’t in guilt make me stand.
You teach by placing temptations, or what are perceived to be,
In front of others and in front of me.
“If Subject does A, it means X, but if B, then Y.”
I am familiar with the science this test centers around,
but if it doesn’t cover all variables, then is it sound?
Could I (or they) have been looking something up,                                                           for  themselves or for someone else,
for a book’s research, for a family member,
but none of those possibilities are even considered.
My loyalty and devotion should not come into question
because of anything I’ve done or my direction.
I am just as true to all I do, this day as before, look a little bit more.


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