Özür dilerim

I think this goes with the other poem,

I seem to need it on a daily basis.

Just please believe me, my mouth gets away from me.

Once again, I beg your forgiveness, for me and for him.

Please don’t hold him accountable,

he has enough on his plate.

It may crush him or break him if you do.

Pick on me, I am the human cockroach, I can take it.

He has had a softer life in some ways,

don’t make him go through your trials, your games.

He does love his those he needs to, and does what he should.

His changes are legitimate, give them time, you will see.

You will be perfectly safe shelling out your love to me.

I return all I get, and repay all that’s good,

forgive more than I need to, at times, more than I should.

I am sorry I am lame, sometimes my head is not in the game,

but I am trying to fix that, and if I succeed, will play catchup.

Just wait, wait as you promised, you will not be sorry,

I am changing, I am trying, rearranging, and growing.

Soon it will be showing, I am sure you will see it.

I will post pictures when completed.


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