“Lessons Learned in Life” by Angela K. Lacey

Lessons learned in life include;

  • First; do not be taken in.

I thought I had this one down pat.

I thought I knew this one full well.

  • Never give all your heart away, always keep a piece,

then if it breaks, it can be regrown.

Having been through the hurt so many times before,

one would think I could take no more.

  • Act so as to protect one’s heart and one’s self,

think before you speak, guard your thoughts.

But then, I fell hard for you.

Now what can I do?

I fell well before all this came true,

now I am trapped in the maze of you.

You’ve got me all boxed in.

Others are parking, but I can’t get out!

And once again I face the truth.

I have been taken in again,

taken in to your heart and mind.

You already dwell in mine,

look around, I believe you will find,

you are alone in there, you fill my mind

there is no room for others, if they were there,

you would be smothered.

How do heartstrings get intertwined?

From such a distance, it that even possible?

Your life was in such disarray, I only thought I would help.

Never meant to fall myself, just knew what you needed

and wanted to help you choose.

I wanted you to be happy, I could see that you were not.

Now all I can do is love you like I do, from a distance,

I’m outside the door. But that’s okay,

I am not ready anyway, perhaps someday.


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