When You Feel Sorry For Me

When You Feel Sorry For Me
When you feel sorry for me, it makes it seem
like you are saying there is something less about me,
like you are superior, like I don’t matter anymore;
simply due to the magnificence of you.
When you pity me, look on with your head tilted to the side,
talk to your friends in gentle sighs, it hurts me and it hurts my pride.
I am not your lightening rod, I don’t have to mediate your unfounded guilt.
Don’t put me in that uncomfortable place, I see a friend when I look at your face.
It is no more your fault than it is mine that I have something wrong with me,
that I need surgery.
It is no more my fault than it is yours that you don’t have empathy for someone like me.
But respect the person that I am, that I used to be.
Inside, that person is alive and well, I don’t want to be laughed at,
It’s true, but I don’t want any sympathy from you.
What is it that you think I can no longer do?
I can’t run now, but I can probably write circles around you,
Now if that is also something you do, then there is probably
something else I can do far better than you. It is not a competition, that is not my mission.
I am not saying that my illness took nothing away from me, but I am saying
to let me decide for me, what I can do and no longer do, that is not a decision for you.
Don’t judge me when you don’t know me.
Don’t judge everyone the same.


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