“Leave the Hard Stuff to God” By Angela K. Lacey

Once there was a lady who had to write a thing or two.
She cared what others thought, somewhat, but also, she knew
she ached if she didn’t get the words out, ‘Twas true!
When she wrote well, others sat up and stared,
but when she felt badly, her words suffered sadly.
Still, she tried to do what er’ she could
to reach her goals and achieve her dreams.
She truly needed to have some peace,
Life was complex, it was complicated,
She didn’t have all the answers, but she had many questions.
She felt deeply that there was more there than she knew,
But what in the heck was she supposed to do?
Just go on about her business and leave things to God.
He had a handle on matters that were too advanced for ma


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