An Ode to the Justice Division; A Short Story

This is an ode to the Justice Division

of a little town I like to call The Caldwell Mission.

With a name like Division, you may wonder how

any group could ever come together to achieve its goals.

But that was just what was accomplished by the Justice Division

at just such a time as it was needed the most. When it came to the Justice Division,

the larger decision heads scratched their heads in confusion as just what to do with

it. A seemingly small and non-consequential group, they had their money makers with

the other divisions, who needed this too? That had been their thinking, and they just

wrote it off, but in light of its successes, they now opened their eyes.

As led by the one in the group with the wine

who was making the toast, and doing just fine;

“To the Justice Division, of whom we are most proud.”

Then they all clanked their glasses and shouted aloud.

“Of all of the Divisions, this one has worked hardest,

of all the Divisions, this one’s come the farthest,

it mattered not to our bosses who has brought forth the most revenue.”

“Though that is important, what matters is you.” a boss added, and

then the bosses chimed in “Dearest Justice Division, friends;

we had all but given up on this tiny division.

but it did not, it kept trying, kept on going, kept on plugging,

and now it has something, of which to be proud.”

“To Justice” “To Justice” they all chimed in aloud.

And finally some justice came to Justice, who had deserved it all along.

Although no one had noticed, that was all that was wrong.


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