True Freedom of Speech?

So much to say today; tons on my mind.

True freedom of speech is a tough one to find.

Sure, we ALL were promised it way back when,

but what Washington didn’t say was who could listen in.

Freedoms were never meant to allow others to snoop.

Freedom to write. You are free to express

what could be fictitious, what could be mere poop,

if it gets your thoughts across, if it lets me be freer,

what harm is it causing you? That has to be made clearer.

For if no one reads it, it should be just fine,

but if thousands are reading, their own business they should mind.

Not every thing is meant to be publicly judged,

Even public figures, they have real, private lives.

Their feelings need an outlet, their words need to be freed,

but onlookers often get filled up with greed.

There has to be someplace they can empty out their face,

express all they feel, just as free as they will,

and still have no fear that they will piss someone off.

Should they lose all they hold dear if they say how they feel?

I think not, don’t you talk to yourself in the car, or perhaps on the pot?

They too are human, they too have that need.

Perhaps even more so, as they live their life guarded.

Hushed at each utterance, shushed at each reveal,

But they have thoughts and words that are at least partially real.

With so much kept fictitious, their own lives they’re denied,

what choice have they really? They must have a life.

Tears, laughter, and love yes, but true freedom of speech?



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