“Blessed” by Angela K. Lacey

I guess I have been blessed,
to have lived this long
without having an issue at all
with my illness.
No prolonged periods of surgeries
at early ages for me.
I am grateful not to have to
put my family through all that.
Was able to have a relatively
“normal” life up to now.
Guess that makes me lucky somehow.
Still, there are things that I
wish I could have done, but
likely they were not for me.
I now cannot climb a tree,
but did when I could, I used to sit up high
and contemplate the meaning
of things in the night sky,
The stars and moon shown down on me.
Words I wrote back then,
of a love I knew I’d know one day.
Of a lover I have yet to meet.
Know, but yet have never met.
Perhaps I will yet?
Perhaps I will yet?


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