“When we look up at the star filled night…”

Outer space, the universe, the stars,
other planets, solar systems and ours.
Who or what gets credit for them?
When we look up at the star filled night,
who is due the credit? Not you or I.
We live down here on Earth,
and that only for a short time.
We cannot control even of our own lives.
How would we run a universe?
Humans are a sinful breed,
but that was due to our own greed.
Had Eve not partaken from that fruited tree,
things would not have gone in this direction.
We would all be living in perfection.
We were offered first some protection,
but chose instead to question.
It stands to reason then that whatever was God’s intent,
he will restore back to us again.
Especially now that his son paid the ultimate price,
releasing us from sin’s hurtful vice.
He promises to do so, to restore the earth,
to allow us all to then give birth,
to the first among those born without
Adamic sin, when we will all be restored to
our perfected states, physically, mentally,
spiritually, emotionally, where we were all meant to be.


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