An Offer Of Peace to All Who Read This

Today, I extend in my hand,

The proverbial olive branch.

A universal symbol of peace,

I sent to all within my reach.

I truly mean no harm to you,

although I don’t understand all you do.

I am slowly learning as I go,

but there is still a lot I do not know.

I will try to learn and do more quickly,

once my health is shored up and I am no longer sickly.

I vow to complete all I have begun,

and will try to have at least some fun.

I also wish for you all to know,

I intend to let any hard feelings go.

I hope you all can do the same,

We both want to improve your name.

I have ideas to help you all,

but must wait until I can move and talk,

and hopefully do some standup too.

That would be so awesome to do.


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