What I Am Supposed To Do

I don’t get it, I just do not understand.
If I am such a pivotal part of the plan
wouldn’t you and all of your family and friends
seek my success, not broaden the demands?
Wouldn’t they also want me to do well?
After all, If I fall it could cause you to fail.
Maybe that’s just not the case anymore?
Darn it, I’m just not able to think anymore.
I don’t know what you know, or plot what you plot.
Anger and vengeance are not things that I’ve got.
Best wishes were all I had brought to the table,
I never once thought of putting badness on the menu.
You immediately think that of me, for whatever reason,
but I prove myself over and over again, every season.
When I say I care and I love you, I mean it.
I won’t sell out at any price, regardless if you are naughty or nice.


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