The Boy I Knew

The Boy I Knew…

was merry and gay,

didn’t stay mad more than a single day.

Never promised things for leverage,

Not once did he say: “Do this or that, or I’ll snatch it away.”

How is it you feel you hold me in your hand still?

I left a while back, when I was pushed,

I left with the chill.

It just got too cold, I was feeling quite ill.

You once held my heart, and all that I feel,

but I no longer rely on your presence to thrill.

A beautiful specimen, you always will be,

but promised my heart? That’s a no from the start.

At best you were promised my care and my love,

but ne’er did that even occur, so now what?

Trying to tell me that all my words and actions

can cause this or that, that I affect all transactions?

Puh-lease, like I ever believed you from the start.

All those promises made, were just lies and pretense.

I have a bad headache, so stop all the chatter,

I want nothing from you, not that that would even matter.

“Away put your weapons, I mean you no harm.”

Just please live in peace, and let well enough alone.

I wanted to publish my poetry, that’s it.

I am now trying to also write fiction, not quit.

If you can, in peace, help me to achieve this goal,

splendid, but I will not be your personal whack-a-mole.

All choices have outcomes, yours were no exception.

I soon go for surgery, I seek a correction to one part of me.

If I am successful, it will mean a better me,

I have no intention of breaking my promises.

They were made them with great intensity,

to the gentlemen to the south of me.

You don’t own the world, and you do not own me,

I wish you all the best, I just wanted to remain friends with

the boy I knew.


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