Alone Again, Naturally

Its alright; its okay,

I get along fine by myself anyway.

I don’t require someone be always there,

Though it would be nice if they would always care.

So hide your numbers, pretend you don’t share

that same curiosity that is always plaguing me.

I know YOU do, I can read it in YOU,

I can sense it too, plus I am a lot like you!

I am determined, even in my limited way

to carry on my goals, and to live out my day.

I get it that I have disappointed you,

I am sorry and I never meant to.

This at a time when you have much to do.

I tried to apologize, my errors have made me cry,

but some of the blame may belong to you,

it is not all mine, for the one millionth time.

But I will own it because that’s the kind thing to do,

I will carry it all, It will not make me fall.


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