Madder than a green hornet

My Grandmother had an expression while I was growing up.

It was that she was “Madder than a green hornet.”

It makes me smile to recall it now, in all its grammatical glory.

I know the times she said it, though,

that something or someone truly had upset her.

I am grown now, and it seems these days that

often bring that emotion out in people;

that “madder than a green hornet” feeling,

though it truly is never intentional.

Honestly? I often get just as upset at myself,

and as tired of having to apologize,

as you probably get of hearing it.

But, as I am stuck being me, what can I do?

I must do what I can to correct the actions I take and the words I say,

even erroneously. More so when they upset a friend.

I am sorry, I apologize, in every language, I was wrong.


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