He asked: “How Ya Feelin’ Today?”

She replied as she always did;  “I’m just fine.”

He wondered if she had made it through the storm in one piece,

She wondered that too. Now what was She supposed to do?

He tried to live like usual, but nothing felt the same.

She needed to continue on with this game,

He though he had moved on, felt like the love was gone,

She needed to let him go, but felt that she was as stuck as ever.

He had too much on his plate, but still he ate and ate.

She had a great many needs, but had no idea which way to go.

She wondered if he was holding up.

She would have asked him, if he were just being himself.

He felt like he was anyone or anything but,

She felt like she would always be his friend.

He wondered if she still saw the tears

He cried silently at night.

She wondered if he cared enough

to question if He still cared.

Life could be funny that way, how could

one not know how they themselves felt?

Yet it happened to be true, so what really could they do?


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