Oh the Changes in Me!

Oh, the changes in me,
Oh, the changes I see!
Two weeks today, out from my surgery,
but it’s like night and day for me!
How could one little hole poked into my head
effect such a difference and correct so many things?
For the last several years, almost four to say true,
I have gradually lost much of what I once used to do.
I came down in full force with Hydrocephalus,
and have progressively lost much up until now.
Today, felt familiar, but different somehow.
For today I got back so many, many things.
For one; I am walking, not smoothly, but I’ll get there.
Considering I am not using any aid that I have, it’s a miracle!
I woke up, and cleaned up, and put on my clothes,
But it was not until I was full bent over tying my own shoes
That I realize just what I have not been able to do.
I stood, and without need to grab hold of my cane,
I walked to the kitchen to begin my day.
I walked up a flight of stairs, alone, unafraid!
This was not the case two weeks before today.
I carried things and walked while I climbed up those stairs,
sure doesn’t sound like much, but lose it for four years and it will be.
I’ve worn glasses since childhood, and with age they grew thicker,
this morning though, they did not seem the right prescription!
My hydro I will probably always have,
but it no longer has me, not like it has had.
I no longer feel like “why try, I am dying.”
Don’t wish to give up, just gain weight and stop trying.
With all these improvements at once, it’s Christmas Morning!
This substitute body is being traded in,
I hope to return to where I was and pick up once again.
I had been dieting and losing weight since last year,
but I could not exercise for dizziness and a falling fear.
Now, without the fluid, I can stand once more,
I do not fear falling onto the floor.
I am so excited, I feel resurrected, born again!
I can’t wait to tell all my family and friends!
I can stand, I can walk, I can bend and not fall.
I typed up this whole page and looked up nothing at all.
Whereas before, my memory for short term was sparse,
I may just have uncovered much of what I had lost.
Please, rejoice with me or smile, and try to be glad for me,
I am going to improve and be able once again to do for you.

Thank you; God, Dr. Boulos. and my ETV surgery!!!


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