Mistaken Kindness

I find myself at a juncture where

once again I’m in a spin.

Options seem to be all around,

could go East or West or South, well even North I guess,

but there’s nothing out there without you.

Soon my book, and the others too,

will be complete, then what do I do?

Once all my goals have been met, guess a

new list must be made.

Scared to try life out on my own again,

really wishing I had a friend or a companion.

Now that I know I could get sick again,

I fear the going alone, back through it all again.

Maybe I should just stick around my family,

they have already been so good to me.

Hoping for the day when I can be,

the one to benefit them monetarily.

A friend once said: “If Angela had a million dollars,

she would give it all away to her family.”

I don’t believe that is any longer true of me ,

as now I can see that certain relatives don’t appreciate

or know how to treat possessions that are lent to them.

Yes, I am kind, but I am not a fool.

I know better than to do the wrong thing twice.

Kindness that is extended is not earned the first time, it’s extended,

but thereafter, it must be, or else its abusive.


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