“The Fears We Keep From Our Kids”

by Angela K. Lacey
411 words

There are fears inside that we keep to ourselves,
If we told someone, in fact anyone else,
It would make them too real, and we could not bear that,
So we try to keep some fears just to ourselves.
Sometimes they concern money, sometimes they do not.
Some are of old lovers resurfacing, some fears are of our neighbors
putting indoor furniture on their lawn again.
Sometimes we fear what the delivery man may have done to the
pizza before he brought it to us.
Or the Chinese food, if the man had been rude.
We fear that our child will fail an exam, we fear that our child will
fall in the play, we fear they’ll forget all the words they’re to say.
We have fears that there’s no God, or we fear that there is.
We fear we’re not forgiven, or wonder if it’s unfounded.
It’s fear that causes us to scream on a fast ride, to swear to God we won’t go again, and then, of course, we must go again.
At home, we fear a sound we keep hearing may be the heater going out,
didn’t we fix that thing? We fear that our old and beloved pet may be passing, we took them to the Vet, but there was nothing.
We fear that our kids will grow up and make our mistakes, but then
we fear that they will never grow up, and be anything.
We fear their life choices, we can’t make them for them, but we would if we could, and we would likely choose differently.
We fear that the tree that the idiot who lived here before us
unwisely planted just above the sewer line will grow down and cause the pipe to bust.
We fear that our Garbage Disposal is clogged up again, we just cleaned that stupid thing out, there’s my diamond ring!
We fear that we may have offended our friend on the phone today,
we didn’t mean to use that tone when they said that thing they said.
We fear that our mate may be looking around, there was mint gum in their pocket and a ladies button from a blouse.
We fear that there was something in that trap over there, we set it because we thought we saw signs of a mouse.
These are just some of the things that we fear in a day, imagine what we can cook up in a week?


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