“A Fresh Topic of the Tropics”

Oh to be swinging from a tree,
as all hard working Monkeys should be
far from here where the air is clear,
no sounds to disturb my right or left ear
suspended between two palms I’d be
happy as the clam in front of me
Well, perhaps a bit happier, he is not eating me.
Smell of the ocean, sounds of the sea
coconut oil all over me,
hoping to cook, but very slowly
feeling the breeze wash over me,
I am almost there, but in memory.
Waves come crashing down behind me
I am up on the land but I can see
when I swing from side to side again,
happy to just be by your side again.
Never struggling for time or finance
having the time to find romance
seeing the love and loving the sea
this is where I long to be.


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