I Will Drive, My Car, My Rules

I’ve got drive, and I am drivin’ a fast car 115

down this straight dirt road, not sure how fast I got going.

Got a full take of gas, and my tires are new,

slowed down for a curve, but then baby I flew.

Driven, driven, I’ve been driven, but then I took the wheel

NOW I’m the one driving. I’m at 3477 on about.me,

People are coming to say hi to me.

Ain’t used to having anyone around,

I work alone, have no friends, but I sometimes like it like this.

The windows are down, got the top down too,

I have cranked up my music, Eric Clapton, Vince Gill too

Well, I guess I’ll drive past and get Nicole and ol’ Blu,

Hitting the open highway, they might as well come too.

Know we can get a good laugh or two,

they appreciate my sense of humor, unlike some of you.

We would so get in trouble if we stayed in the room.


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