Moving On

I have been in a dream somehow
Floating in place verses moving forward
Before, I really had no choice,
Before, I really had no voice.
Now, I see that I can be
All the great inside of me
Has been building up for years
Bursting through incessant tears
It now comes to the fore for me
Shining with possibility
I am no one, only me
But maybe that’s good enough you see.
Never learned to bless myself,
Never learned to manage wealth,
Never knew to save a dime
Never would I commit a crime though
I was taught manners, I was taught love
I was taught to respect the one above.
I was taught to walk the line, and I walked it
rather fine.
One day though, I fell quite ill,
No one knows just what’s the deal.
Really sent me for a loop, but
Let me think and too regroup.
Now I have a better plan
No, it involves no dog or man.
I only want the due I’m owed,
I’m not as young, but I’m not too old.
I fight, I write, I work out too,
I used to do it all for you,
Now I do it for myself,
Success I seek instead of wealth
Though some finance is surely needed,
I refuse to beg or to plead it
My heart moves me to forgive you,
It is the least thing you could do.


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