Not Everythings About YOU.

Just because I think of you

when I first wake up or tie my shoes,

when I go through with my day,

when I eat, when I sleep, when I play,

does not mean you are my everything.

Just because you monopolize my time,

own my brain, and rule my mind,

does not give you the freedom to say,

that you can control my every day.

On the other hand though,

you should probably know,

that you don’ t have to win my love

again and again,

my heart is not easy to reach that way,

so once you’re in, you’re in to stay.

Okay, so maybe just a little,

what say I meet you in the middle?

I won’t let you have it all,

my heart is guarded from a fall.

My shields are still intact and well,

I won’t let them fail, I can’t let them fail…

you have weakened them, true, that’s the power of you.

But I can endure, I am strong, impervious…

Sometimes though, your name I want to curse.

But most times though I think you’re great,

I try to follow and emulate.

For whatever else you are or aren’t

you are my mentor, and you are my friend.



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