some of us strive for it incessantly,

wanting it from all we meet,

even looking for it from ones on the street,

but not always finding it. It is elusive.


a similar quest does come from me,

granting it to friends, we hope to get it returned to us again.


to me this is the act of never giving up or giving in,

but enduring until the end.


not a word representing something I wanted ever to need,

Always felt better on the giving end

whereby I can benefit family and friends.


not one involving sight but its such that is important enough

to be required of all the faithful, ought we not also able

to manifest it in each other?


an almost extinct entity, very hard to find in any living or natural thing,

therefore, a rarity. Occasionally seen in a gem or a stone when found from the ground.


when found, greatly appreciated, well received, and closely guarded.

It denotes the bond one has to another, forever, for life.

These are the treasures of the human spirit, the wealth of the soul.

Is it possible to possess them all?

I do not claim to know.


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