I have been somewhat negligent

in posting my words on this site again.

Not that I now have less to say,

that’s not the case in any way.

it’s merely that I’ve stayed so busy,

really, so much so that I’ve been dizzy,

looking for work and a place to live,

and all the while, keeping up this gig,

and this while grieving a love I miss,

has really sapped me of my bliss.

It’s not that I did what I did

because of my lovefor this kid,

but every fiber of my being

is keenly aware of what he’s seeing.

My heart just aches to speak with him,

love him till the bitter end.

So this is corny and tacky too,

I cannot help how I feel for you.

If there at all was another way,

I would set it on motion this very day.

This life though, holds no promises,

I wish there was another way,

perhaps there will be a better day.


One comment

  1. kutukamus · September 14, 2015

    Perhaps. Life goes on, anyway 🙂


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