My Hope In You

My hope in you? This pulls from me…right from the center of my insecurities.

it tasks of me to let you in,to a place very few have ever been.

oh, I’ve allowed you to look through,but a window shows a smaller view.

But, for me to really “Hope” in someone?That takes faith, and trust, and love.

I have all three, and yes, in thee,but Angel mine, dare you decline?

(my heart) it’s only in a Tiffany vase,a fragile, thin glass cover case.

It sits upon a China shelf,I’m scared to even dust myself.

In an effort then to explain to you,the effort then, required therein,

I tell you this, my “Hope in you”is that as real as my own;your love is too.

For if I see that this is so,that somehow, this enormous love will grow,

that beyond invention by fantasy, could exist a life of superlity,

then Angel Darling, love of my life,you will not need to ask for the rest of my life.

For the “hope in you” that I have inside, will manifest itself into a lasting pride.





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