A Special Poem; For My Lovely One

A Special Poem;
For My Lovely One

This is going to be a special poem,
it’s not inspired by my heart’s desire,
it is a poem to a precious one,
a poem for My Lovely One.

When I step out into my garden,
and see a bed of flowers growing,
they all have merit, and beauty showing,
but special you are, my Lovely One.

It isn’t just the looks of you,
(although there are none who
compare to you)
but deep inside that heart of yours,
there beats a beauty, deep and true.

A tender, loving, ageless grace,
a sensitive and timeless embrace,
intelligent design and use of space,
is what one will find inside your mind.

I love you deeply, always have,
I know your fear of trusting man.
I see your need to be accepted,
I meet with these, and seek to fill them.

I love the friend that you’ve become,
I cherish the trust you’ve given, son.
I embrace you now for all you are,
I accept, both your beauty and your flaws.

For, ever will you be to me,
a treasured symbioticy,
the kinship built and acceptance too,
you feel for me, I feel for you.

All my love, you sweet-hearted
Lovely One, God bless! šŸ’•šŸ’œ Ma A


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