There Was Once

“There was once…”

(Another work of fiction, by a fiction writer, on her cell phone.)

There was once a handsome one,
Kissed by beauty, like the sun,
Sweet and precious, he’d become,
By the day’s now setting sun.

Also there, a lesser Lass,
Not so pretty, but she had class.
Her heart was large, and very full,
She cared about that prior soul.

She swore to make him a blessed man,
And that she’d never leave his land,
She promised that he would always eat,
As long as her table had bread and meat.

She was, of course, a pauper sad,
She had no one in her family.
She was never loved, or so she felt,
But he had loved her anyway and helped her out.

She had a talent, hidden well,
(An angel dropped it from their tail.)
She picked it up from off the ground.
No idea how to return it, so she kept it bound.

When sure she was that it had gone,
She decided then to try it on.
She pulled it out to check it’s worth,
and see if it held any power on Earth.

It awkward felt within her hands,
So swiftly, she cast it to the land.
A great and colorful cloud appeared,
And then the cloud, it was not there.

It left behind a sadder note,
For it had been no gift at all.
It sprung up from a tearful place,
But that precious soul her fall did brace.

…There was once; that’s all I know.


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