Yesterday Through Forever

“Yesterday Through Forever”

I was younger and dumber.
but my heart knew one thing,
it knew what it wanted.

Years rolled by,
and I got wiser,
though still quite green,
some things grew clearer.

Put in hard work,
learned self-sufficiency.
It took some work,
but it has benefited me.

Reached the center,
where’s the sweet filling promised?
I’ve learned a little,
Don’t know a lot yet.

I am not dead,
Am not yet gone,
still have the chance,
to carry on.

what I knew I wanted,
was a soul with me,
It’s there, invisibly.

Yesterday, I lacked maturity,
thank God I didn’t have to choose for me.
Today, a better choice I seek,
with which soul I share eternity.

Yesterday through forever


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